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Welcome to Anyonyam!

Anyonyam is a project to bring together people with diverse talent and experiences, and those who could benefit from them. By bringing them together, Anyonyam creates a community within which the members can support each other.

There are many talented people, with lot of life experiences, who are confined to their homes, due to different reasons. They may have been looking for avenues to utilize their skills, and make a difference to their own or someone else’s life. Anyonyam is offering a platform for such people to offer their services for the good of others, especially for younger generation. You will get the rewarding satisfaction of contributing to society and could earn some money too. Younger generation can subscribe to the programmes/ services offered by talented and experienced seniors, or they can assist in delivering the services/ programmes/ products.

Some examples:

1. There are many retirees, who retired at the age 55 – 58, and staying at home. They have a wealth of knowledge with them. They come from diverse fields. They still are ready to contribute to society. At the same time, there are many among our younger generation, who are looking for a good resource to give them the necessary training in multiple fields. Anyonyam would like to be the missing link between the two.

2. There are many artists who are confined to home. It could be someone who is good in dance or music or musical instruments, It could be someone good at crafts, It could be someone good at cooking/baking/preserving. It could be someone good at gardening,… They may not be aware of suitable avenues to use their talent to benefit others or to earn some money. Youngsters can benefit from the artists or can be their connection to consumers

3. This is a time when lot of us are ready to try out growing some vegetables at our home or, to have a good garden at our home. There are many ‘how to’ questions in our mind when someone get into gardening. There are many experts in our community who can give those tips. Anyonyam will bring these two groups together

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Do you think,

“I am an experienced person with talent that can be of use to someone. I am willing to provide my services. But, there are few blocking factors that is holding me back.”

“I know there are many who provide the services that I need. But, I have some challenges to get those services”

Anyonyam team is ready to listen to you and facilitate the process for you …

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